• Students bizarre homework request shocks parents
  • Moral education textbook causes concern

STUNNED: Isau Jongman

A headmaster has branded a controversial new textbook on moral education as ‘morally inappropriate’ after form two students at his school were asked to name seven sex styles as a homework assignment.

One parent got the shock of her life last week when her 14-year-old form two daughter at Tlokweng Junior School approached her with a bizarre homework request from her teacher.

“She told me that they were given an assignment to go and ask about sex styles from their parents and list seven of them. I was totally shocked and the following morning I went to the school to establish the truth of the matter.  That is when I learnt that sex education is in the syllabus as a topic in the Moral Education subject,” said the shocked mother (name withheld).

Apparently the young girl who was uncomfortable with asking her mother about a sex related issue just threw the book on the bed with the questions and ran away.

“I thought it was just something she had discussed with friends and was just being naughty, but the explanation I got from the school authorities was just too much,” said the girl’s angry mother.

Our investigations revealed that what the young girl called ‘sex styles’ was actually a topic that discussed forms of sexual satisfaction outlined in the book for Moral Education entitled A Fresh Start, a Ministry of Education prescribed text book for form two’s.

The book authored by C. Malense, U. Mokobi, S. Letsholo and V. Anderson, explicitly discusses forms of sexual satisfaction, and teachers who have to stand in front of young kids to teach the subject have expressed their concern over the topic.

Deputy Headmaster at Tlokweng Junior School Isau Jongman said he was also shocked by the content of the book.

“Obviously it is a problem. We are shocked that a syllabus can go to such an extent. It is against the morality of Batswana as we know them. Kids are being taught that there are two types of sexual intercourse defined as vaginal and anal. This is an alien concept that could be very dangerous to our young generation,” Jongman said.

Jongman went on to say that the objective creates confusion among students and makes life uncomfortable for teachers.

“Imagine if you had to teach something that is against your conscience; it is not right. Most young people today are mischievous and it is disturbing to see them too keen about this subject,” he said.


One moral education teacher at Nanogang Junior admitted that they usually avoid the subject or simply ask students to go and read for themselves.

“It is a question of how much say do teachers have in the drafting of the syllabus,” he said.

Publishers of the book, Diamond Educational Publishers, through their Managing Director Johnson Chengeta say it is not what is contained in the book, but what the syllabus requires.

“As publishers we put together a book according to the specifications of the syllabus and the Curriculum Department will recommend a book that satisfies the objectives as set out by themselves,” Chengeta said.

He added that although they might have reservations about some issues discussed in the syllabus as publishers, they still have to come up with a product that meets the requirements of the Ministry.

“Sex education is sensitive in nature, and Batswana are a conservative society. That is why we did not include pictures in this book,” he said.

Secondary School Students

Chengeta said teachers have a big role to play in using their prerogative to find suitable way to pass this sensitive information to the students.

One of the more disturbing specific objectives for teachers in the syllabus was in discussing the morality of forms of sexual satisfaction that included sex toys, masturbation, pornography and different forms of intercourse.

The outlined objective in the section also expects students to be able to explain measures of effective condom use.

“It is going to be very difficult for a teacher to stand in front of class and explain this because it seems to suggest that an actual condom should be used for a learner to verify that yes this condom has been effectively used,” admitted Chengeta.

However a Curriculum Officer who only identified herself as Mrs Acho distanced her department from the book saying no books have been prescribed yet for 2011 form two’s, event though it is listed in the Ministry’s official guide on prescribed books.




  1. PublicTeacher 2011/02/11

    This is really disturbing, just to have such syllabus objective to have filtered itself through the very eyes of the national watchdogs: one wonders where are the Ministies of Education, culture and Even Healthy, if Batswana’s pride and values are swept below their feets. Aa…! mongwe ga a dire tiro. Bathong we cant point fingers to publishers for our own carelessness. Nyaa!

  2. MARATO 2011/02/12

    le nna ne nka latlhela buka fa go mme abo ke inaya naga,ngwana yo tota one asa itire kana dilo dingwe di thata gore di buiwe le botsadi

  3. mmapolakuku 2011/02/12

    ga ke gane sex education is important particulary that of safe sex but not that one ya go jana mo maragong,gays must be celebrating.thutu ya matanyola.

  4. naledi 2011/02/12

    rona re fetile foo re sa rutwe dilo tseo..janon bao bone ba rutelwan…aoooo

  5. tirivashe 2011/02/12

    Ao bathong,something come naturally.
    Who has ever been taught how walk.
    There are better things to teach than polluting bana with unnecessary trivialities.

  6. logic 2011/02/13

    This is outrageous,nonsense to be taught students.its going to corrode the young inocent minds of youngsters.we cant condone this…

  7. nobh 2011/02/13

    Hahahah! what a topic. Nna nkabo ke sa bua le gore ke na le home work. Le gone mme tota why did the teacher give it as an assignment a ne a sa bolelele bana hela kgang ya bo e felela mo classeng. Unless le ene a ne a e tshabela mo batsading.

  8. Chris M 2011/02/13

    This is insane! What has moral education got to do with sex positions? Who exactly is responsible for this? Everyone, whether teachers giving kids this sick assignment, writers of the sordid set-book or those who are supposed to be in charge of the curriculum, are washing their hands of it! Would any of them as adults be happy with their own teenagers coming home with this kind of assignment? Why did they not object to it well before they exposed this to and corrupted the minds of children? They are all responsible for this sordid affair, all of them! They could have done something about it just as we have seen them do lately if they wanted to! It really is disturbing that parents can try and teach their kids good morals at home and all that is destroyed by schools! Insane! Next time they device a curriculum on this subject, they should run it past parents first for approval since they are all morally corrupt!

  9. rass 2011/02/14

    this one is so hard,,,nnyaa le fa gotwe bana ba gompieno ba itse dilo jaanong ke go ba poison aaaa!!!

  10. thefriendlyghost 2011/02/14

    You know our country is moving towards a sickening nature of insanity that is so corruptive in a way that now it is even passed to the innocent young minds in schools what does a junior student do with the knowledhe of sexual satisfation we say the nowadays youth are dirty minded well dont blame them coz we trash their mind through things that are suppose to educate la lwala remive that book and the sick topic in your syllabus and stop corrupting the minds of young sisters and brothers no bright futures for our youth if we continue filling their minds with such disturbing load of bull dung sorry sh*t…………………

  11. tshabamo2 2011/02/14

    nnyaya ba2n, nna janon ke a gana tuu!!! gtwe sexual satisfaction n positions 2 form2s. dz z so not ryt. dy shud b tot go abstainer not 2 satisfy demslves @ a veri tender age…aaa-aah!!!

  12. eagle 2011/02/14

    NOw the remaining question is; if a student of the same level in another country is taught those sex positions and we don’t teach our students about missinory position, isn’t our education going to be judged as poor. who is more exposed here; the one yo o itseng metaele ya go robalana offcourse. It’s a bit difficult but at school is where we learn what we didn’t know. Sex positions can just be one of those things we did not know……….-Ntsu e a bua-

  13. moshawasha 2011/02/14

    nnyaa ba hetella yanon,ba tloge ba ntshe this morall subject cz its nw abusive nd filthy

  14. KHEBO 2011/02/14


  15. galephirime.. 2011/02/14

    fa bana ba rutiwaa moroballo jaana ke a tshoga ke raa gore yes they have to understand these things but not this ely e bile go twe re di ba bolelele jaana a ga se go tloga tshepi a mpotsa gre ke a bo ke dira jang le mmaagwe?

  16. mmahei 2011/02/14

    then we say charity begins at home!!!!!!!!!!!!! the more we teach teens about all the the more they go crazy n try to experience wat thy hv been taught so guys lets limit the education

  17. mmahei 2011/02/14

    i dnt think a form two student should be taught all thse things wat message i u iving to them

  18. Chris M 2011/02/15

    I would rather my little sisters and brothers spent every minute of their time at school learning maths, science and language than sex positions! Those subjects will prepare them for this highly competitive world! You don’t need to learn sex positions at school! Seriously like! This pathetic subject that puts premium on sex is the most effective way of failing this nation and sending many of then to early grave! This is not haha funny like!

  19. pineapple 2011/02/15

    Disgusting ,what a shame to our esucation system,sis, i 4 one um not against sex education @ school but 2 go that far with kids that is totally unacceptable.

  20. tlhanyane 2011/02/15

    Next asmnt e tla bo ele melawana e supa ya go ja kuku bo ngwanaka

  21. tlhanyane 2011/02/15

    mathathai o kae batho are bolelele ka setlhogo se and thanks to KHEBO inspring comment he wrote keep it up dude…..

  22. yunx 2011/02/15

    okay guys hold your horses. this is a case of teaching this kidz not to be gay or lesbians. they must know that sex e monate ebile it has more positions that that other sh**t hormos do it.


  23. yunx 2011/02/15

    eesane rona babangwe re misitse waitse.

    goreela gore bo teacher ba gaegolelwe bone ba tshwerwe bothata imagine having to ask mogolo o 50yrs to name 7 sex styles.

    gape they might have to demostrate to some of the night school students.


  24. Rarefri 2011/02/15

    I guess the ministry of education through all those who approved these text books reckon the knowledge of sex positions will come in handy when they fail because of the tartered education system they are running. They have no shame in degrading our children’s innocence. NOW EVERY PEVERT IN THE STREET WILL BE MAKING MOVES ON THE LITTLE GIRLS AS THEY HAVE BEEN FULLY ORIENTED ON HOW TO SATISFY THEIR EVERY SICK FANTASIES. These text books ought to be banned from the curriculum forthwith. Let them be sold elsewhere where minors have no access to them.

  25. Her Excellency 2011/02/15

    i wonder gore the writer of this book one a ka bona go siame go bolelela bana ba gagwe at the age of 15years ba ka rutwa ka merobaloe e a e buang eo,ha e se gay, go reela gore ga a tshole kana something is very wrong with him or her.Nka se makale ha nka utwa go twe teenage pregnacy e ile ko godimo.Teachers,give those kids thuto e e ka ba direlang bokamoso,E SENG MEROBALO,Kante gatwe what is happening to the Ministry of education,its just full of druma.Ke kopa gore le iphuthe methalla le dire tiro ka thamalalo.

  26. modisa lovy 2011/02/15

    hae guyssss dilo dia diragala tota lefatshe lea fela kana jang…kana thevoice paper ke yone e distortang th truth????ths z disturbing

  27. macs 2011/02/16

    ok I dont get it,how can a big organisation as Botswana ministry of education not have seen the publishing of this book if they are the ones giving authority, thats not true u knew bou this before it was pulished unless lesa dire moshomo wa lona.

  28. teacher nthute 2011/02/16

    wena khebo o tsetswe ka phoso .o ngwana wa phoso

  29. Maddie 2011/02/16

    Sex education is necessary but the explicit details can be contained especially in case of a form 2.

    Now a days even students are very advanced unlike our times….they might even provoke the teacher to go a bit explicit, I pity the teacher here.

    You mean to say a 14 year old does not know about sex and education we all will be surprised!

    …Any way I am not sure how many of them put theory into practice as my 3 old son likes to do things than read about it!!!! Scary!!V.scary! I don’t know how early his “moral” text books are going to get filled with pictures! :(

  30. Parents and caregivers cannot just sit back and let Ministry of Education raise our kids. We have to be active in parent bodies, parent-teacher conferences and be on committees at our kids schools in order to really know what is going on in our schools. The grandparents of Botswana built these schools with their own sweat and resources to get what we have today. We have to own it and to make our voices and wishes known whilst contributing with our own time and efforts.

    How did this happen? It is logical that we need sex education-at least the biology of it all. But who made the decision for us that our kids had to know about sodomy and alternative sex positions?

    As a Pastor, I am outraged that the work that the churches are doing to promote abstinence is being undermined in this way. The stat recently published that is still undergoing scrutiny is that ‘only’ 16% of our youth average age 16 are sexually active, will certainly increase with this kind of sex promotion. There is a difference in promoting and encouraging sex and in teaching what it is as science. We have allowed the western world (of which I am ashamedly from) to infiltrate our modest Botswana Society!

    If we can let our voices be heard at the local school levels, then perhaps those sitting in high places in Gaborone will realize that a CONSULTATIVE process would be more effective. And make sure that its the parents who get consulted-not what is popular in other lewd cultures such as America and Europe.

  31. Maddie 2011/02/16

    V.strqng words Jana L.appreciated.
    Should tell it to guys who got FREE education abroad. And still cut n paste n copy EVEN text books from the British….than putting their thoughts to see the practicality of any situation in their country. Donot blame the Western culture. When we are hell bent on COPYING it.

  32. Professor 2011/02/17

    kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa …A topic banna!!! Nne re le kae ka nako ya rona , nne kea go mo downloadela di pic tsa porn hela hehehehehe sekolo se ka tswa se le monate mo go maswe

  33. Cliston 2011/02/17

    I think these people who published this shud face a trial in court… Thas against our moral standards as Batswana. Teaching lil kids those, they gut to be kiddn me…

  34. roy wa ga sesana 2011/02/17

    Ijo…….waitse ruri go senyegile lefatsheng,jaanong gatwe re rute bana morobalo?E le gore tlotla ee e neelwang bagolo e ile kae betsho,kana potso tsa go tshwana le tse,go tshwana fela le o boilelela batsadi ba gago gore o itse fa ba robalana.Tota gatwe tlhong botho e kae betsho,ao!!!!!! go tewa gotwe kamoso fa o le mogolo o fitlhela bana ba robalane,o bo o ba opela diatla,o ba raya ba chencha style?Nna jaanong ga ke na yone kgang,thutonyana ya malatsi a ke go rogisa bagolo bana fela,why fa ele gore ke thuto ya rutwa kwa sekolong le gone at a certain age.Nyaa betsho tlogelang go re rogisa bana lpease,ga se botho go bua le ngwana ka morobalo to that extend,what they should know ke bodiphatsa ba go robalana,thats all gore o dira jang ba tla itse ba godile ba lekane go robalana,please a chaba e se lathiweng,ao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ija!!!

  35. Albert Mosala 2011/02/17

    Morutabana yo o le ene wa gakgamatsa,syllabus ga ise e re sex style.wa itlhamela

  36. da reason why some teachers sexualize students is bcoz of these book nd ministry f education are very supportive but at da end they are blaming teachers, mayb baabo ba leka go demonstrata 2 students. i blame MoE not dat teacher coz its he hav 2 follow da syllabus!!!

  37. kwa kwa kwa kwaaaa shuuu!!!???tota if children like 4m 2s ba rutiwa sex positions. are they taught prostitution kana jang. tota go tweng jaanong bcoz even at tertiary level students are not taught sex styles. we blame the government and the moe minister. pliz maddam do sumthin. sex practicals tsone di dirwa leng? mare re misitse a lot gone jaana i know misionary style only. go raya gore soon prostitution will be legalized nd taught in Bots!!!!

  38. makhanda 2011/02/18

    what is moral education, question for MOE.

  39. Milord 2011/02/18

    Nyaa ke mathata jaanong. We cannot afford to be reckless and start teaching hilarious sexual positions topics, to students at that age. It is against our morals. Gape di topiki di le kana kana??

  40. tirivashe 2011/02/18

    I couldn’t have put it better myself HER EXCELLENCY… No wonder we are number 2 in the world when it comes to HIV/AIDS. At the rate at which we are going,we will soon disposes Swaziland of the title.

  41. Thats ws great topic, and wat remains nw the students hv to go practicals, rather than e be e re ngwana a sena go fetsa sekolo go be go twe a ye go rupa, wat 4? i like da education coz it is utilizing time prepare students to grow with the pace of development, fa o bona bana ba ima jaana, ke gone g tlhoka go itse di style e be ba feletsa ba blaster dicondoms.

  42. mmahei 2011/02/22

    a moretwa o lele batsadi ga go na ngwana yoo ka tlang a mpotsa da 7 sex styles kele mogolo ke le kana they should be a way of teaching sum topics to kids the rite ways of understanding wat u r trying to imply not just to say go n ask ur parents da 7 sex styles ga se botho.

    dats y bana ba re feta ka kitso bogolo jang fa go tla ka ko go tsa tlhakanelo dikobo,go ima,mogare le bo arbotion its bcz baitse thata. limit to creat space of understanding and knowing.

    ngwana fela yoo 12 years o ka fitlhela a tlotla a na le her agemates a ba bollelela gore o letse a kgapitsa monnamogolo sethitho o ka makala.

    ba bo sugar mummy ga twe ba re ke ne kere le apole ke tle ke le simolole o bo o ipotsa gore o ya go tshwara jang mme yoo o lekanang le mmagwe ke bo ne bo age its just a number ba ko sgela dats totally wrong and immoral

  43. pops 2011/02/22

    i still wonda y they wud publish such!! ahh le fa go ntse gotwe education, bana ba tshwanetse go itse dz thinz, z absurd…

  44. Gravel 2011/02/23

    Nyaa this issue is really serious bathong, If bana barutwa ka di sex positions go supa hela gore there is a problem with our education system!Kwee MoE is the 1 2 blame on ths 1!

  45. Carefokon 2011/03/08

    Moral decay-less public indescency-freedom of expression-rights-erosion of culture, they now clash and the result is bana ba rutwa o ne morobalo fela ka ban le di rights ebile ba mo twenty first century

  46. moral education is meant to mould the behaviour of children now if they are taught these ke mathata…kamoso fa ba dirile dilo bare ba experiencer ba nna le bana e be ba tshwaiwa diphoso gape.nna fa ngwanake a ka tla ko go nna ka assignment e ntseng jalo ke tla mo ruta batho gammogo le teacher wa gagwe..teacher ene o tla lebagana le beng ba sylabus!
    fa re simolola re home-school bana ba rona govt o bua distory hela jaaka that family ya ko mahalapye e e isitsweng court for home schooling..just imagine o re ngwana o ile go ithuta kante ene o ile go senngwa hlaloganyo…ke matlhabisa dihlong e le ruri!!!!!

  47. cairs 2011/04/08

    no comment on this one.

  48. osha 2011/04/12

    nnyaa mo go rotloediwa bana go dira dilo! no wonder teenage pregnancy e tetse mo baneng ba junior scul!

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