Prison break

Illegal immigrant escapes from custody
Police still trying to figure out how tools were smuggled into the cell

You! Don’t take me pictures- Maphorisa leaving court

An illegal migrant who was nabbed after escaping from lawful custody, refused to make a plea when he appeared before Magistrate Peggy Madandume on Tuesday this week.

Zimbabwean born, Edson Maphorisa, 28, vanished from a holding cell at Kutlwano police where he was detained for allegedly stealing grocery and alcohol worth over P10 000 from CA Sales warehouse in Francistown.

After making a small opening on the wall with tools which police are still failing to understand how they were smuggled into the cell, the accused managed to set himself free. However his freedom was short lived when he was re-arrested at Tati-Siding village, the same place where he was initially nabbed for the first offence.

Appearing before court, Maphorisa was read charges of stealing foodstuff, and escaping from lawful custody, but he refused to make a plea.  He said Magistrate Madandume should recuse herself from his case.
The accused told the court that he had no faith in the presiding officer, explaining that the same magistrate presided over one of his previous criminal offences.

The habitual criminal also claimed that magistrate Madandume uttered some words which he felt were not good for her to handle and listen to his case. He however promised to make a plea only after a new magistrate has been assigned to hear his case.

Magistrate Madandume however said there was no reason substantiating the accused’s fears and claims, noting that she would not be stopped from presiding over his case.
She also ordered that Maphorisa be further remanded behind bars until December15 when he would come to court for mention. The magistrate also set the accused’s trial date to July next year.

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