SHOCKED: Thapelo Ngiye

• Heartbroken Mother confirms the sexual abuse
• Police Chief explains that the accused is girl’s biological father

A 14 year old girl of Mmathethe village in the Southern District is pregnant. And the man responsible for her pregnancy is allegedly none other than her biological father.

But the 56 year old man who appeared before the Lobatse Magistrate court on Monday charged with incest has denied the allegation.

Confirming the case, Goodhope Police station commander, Thapelo Ngiye said when the case was reported in November, the form one student was five months pregnant.

“The accused is the girl’s biological father,” explained the station commander.

The accused father, has allegedly been sexually molesting the young girl for the past three years, after he and his wife, the girl’s mother separated.

He was granted bail pending Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) tests, which could only be done after the baby’s birth, due in February next year.

The girl’s mother whose identity has been concealed to protect the girl also confirmed the allegation and revealed that her husband is said to have been sexually molesting the girl for the past three years.

The woman and her husband have been on separation since 2007 and stay in different wards. She stays with her daughter who from time to time visits her father.

“My daughter wrote me a note and told me it was her father who impregnated her. She said she forced her into early sex soon after their separation three years ago,” she said.

The woman further added: “She revealed that her father had asked her to implicate her former boyfriend. She said when her father discovered that she was pregnant, he asked her if she had ever had sex with somebody else besides him and when she said she had a boyfriend he coerced her into blaming the boy.”

The woman said the girl had initially refused to tell the truth about her pregnancy until she decided to write a note recently before running off to school.

“When she arrived at school she also told one of the teachers that her father was responsible for the pregnancy. I was then called to the school,” she said.

“I am also shocked that a man can see his own daughter as a potential sexual partner, I am still trying to come to terms with this,” the women expressed her heartache.

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