Four- piece-rock n’roll band Amok will launch their long awaited single ‘Maroko’at Magic Kings in Gabane next Saturday.
The single has three versions and a bonus song called Heavy machine. The single is done in guitar singing, acoustic and vocals. Amok was formed in 2005 and after five years in the industry can only manage to produce a single.
The band members however attributed this delay to the fact that as a live band it is never easy to record an album.
“We are ready to give Batswana what they have been missing in the rock scene. We are different and we intend to change the rock landscape,” the band says.
Featured performers at the show would include Stane and Overthrust.

Madame Queen’s Modeling Agency in conjunction with Riverwalk Mall for a charity show dubbed SOS Festive Fashion Christmas Charity Event.
Queen Kolobe of the modeling agency told The Voice that they organized the show in preparation for the coming festive season.
“We chose the theme Giving back to the community (hand that gives is a hand that receives). Imagine the kind of Christmas the SOS kids will have should everybody come on board and donate gifts,” she said.
She said trolleys would be put in front of Pick n’ Pay where shoppers can contribute anything from clothes to food.
“The gifts will later be distributed to the kids with the help of the media to ensure transparency,” said Queen.
The show starts this Saturday at 10am until 3pm with performances from Shanay and Michael. Some sponsors include Gym Active, GFX, Planet and Marketing Services. For further details contact Queen at 71305561.



Vee’s tour Dj; Timmy has just dropped his second album, Nfana Wa Kasane. The brother who also doubles as an artist couldn’t hide his excitement from Monnamogolo when I spoke to him about the album. He reckons that there has been significant growth between the last album and this one. Indeed there has been. The ten track album moves from one genre to another. There is a little bit of everything in this album, borrowing from traditional, rhumba, house kwasa, Afro-pop, and house. Produced by one of the rising producers in the country Dr Tawanda at Mega Base Studios, it includes very sweet tunes like La Timmy, Refilwe, Koba, Mama, Shamwari, Ntshiele and Rosinah. It gets 8 out 10 stars from Monnamogolo.



Unbelievable! That’s what Dj Phazz’s CD is. The tunes on this CD do not reflect the packaging of this album. One look at this half baked CD sleeve, serious music collectors would not even spend a second to listen to any of the tracks on this album. How many times have we written on this column that the packaging is just as important as the music, at times even more important? But folks, the seven track house album is worth a listen. Produced in Botswana at Nico World Studio and Big T. Productions in South Africa of Sister Betinah fame. I just got to listen to this album some two weeks after I received it, the day on which I was reviewing it. Of course mainly because I dismissed it. Trust me; some tunes in here were on repeat for a while in DVD player. It gets 7 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo!



When I started reviewing lesser known artists on this column, it was a big chance that I was somewhat skeptical about because I thought the column would lose readers. The positive reaction I get every week, a reaction that seems to grow with each passing week, has just been amazing. I have to thank my publisher for encouraging me to do that because without her, I may not have given these lesser known artists a chance, something that radio stations also are somewhat guilty of. Abbie would have been just another artist to me. Now sitting here listening to her inspirational songs, I just marvel at the amount of untapped talent we have in this country. Her debut album may not become a huge hit for lack of promotion, but I hope her appearance on this column would help. The album gets 7 out of 10.

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