SPRINKLING THE HOLY WATERS: Pastor Ngoma and the congregation

Prophet T.B. Joshua’s healing water create excitement in Maun
The heavenly fire fell and the demon possessed screamed, rolled and got deliverance as the recently arrived Botswana team from Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), anointed masses with holy water from well known Nigerian Prophet T.B Joshua, in Maun, last Saturday.
The physical and spiritual sick, the lame and those with chronic diseases, Christians from various churches and none believers, were all in attendance at the spilling Women against Rape (WAR) conference room.
Each waited in faith and hope, to receive breakthroughs according to their prayerful wish. Singing and dance were part of the event amid miraculous healing testimonies from those delivered through the spray of the spiritual water.
The once medically declared barren held healthy bouncy babies and told how the holy water of the ‘fruit of the womb’ helped them to conceive. Others spoke of how the anointing water helped them during pregnancies that doctors had affirmed for surgery.
Even the contractors and businessmen testified how the blessing and breakthrough anointing water helped them win multi-million tenders
During the session, Prophet T.B Joshua called from Nigeria, blessed, encouraged and led the gathering in prayer, through a microphone connected mobile phone.
According to Pastor Jeffrey Ngoma of the recently formed Apostolic Breakthrough  Ministries in Maun, the gathering was neither a church service nor a thing to be done on daily basis. It also wasn’t a tactic to pull people from their churches to his.
He said that it was a prophetic message and a command from Prophet T.B Joshua who had the spiritual deliverance of the community of Maun at heart. The anointing water that they were spraying, was a gift from him to the communities, he said.
He further revealed that during their recent trip to SCOAN, the prophet told them that Botswana is one of those countries that have a special place in the heart of God. God dearly loves the country but the inhabitants needed deliverance in order to know him.
Ngoma also told that the Prophet announced that a church branch of SCOAN was going to be soon set up in Botswana. The prophet is said to have promised to send one of his wise men to the branch for the spiritual deliverance of the nation.



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  1. Stalu 2010/07/16

    father in jesus name,haleluyaaa!!let the people of god receive the holly spirit as it is written in te bible that the time is coming and its now therefore those true worshippers shall worship father in the truth and in spirit:in the book of John

  2. Anderson 2010/07/16

    Thank you Jesus for your mercies and love.

  3. nyobinyobi 2010/07/16

    “…..called from Nigeria, blessed, encouraged and led the gathering in prayer, through a microphone connected mobile phone”. Jesus!!!
    It is true the world is coming to an end.

  4. CATHERINE LETLOLE 2010/07/16

    In the name of Jesus Christ we pray…haleluyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  5. thana 2010/07/16


  6. Satane 2010/07/16


  7. Knowledge S. Basupi 2010/07/17

    If God says YES, no one will say No! Father, we thank you for the deliverance of our beloved nation. Amen

  8. dorcus 2010/07/20

    allelujah …….. Botswana is a blessed nation .we are glad for the deliverance and healings.

  9. bibi 2010/07/20

    what a tragedy!

  10. PENDA DI PENDA 2010/07/21

    T.B JOSHUA o tla bo a le mono Botswana ka September 2010 ke nna tsela le boamaruri.

  11. Becci 2010/07/21

    Thank u jesus for such miracles! halelua………….!

  12. oopza 2010/07/22

    Bathong!!? Penda Di Penda!? tsela le boamaruri? where? Neva.Are you Jesus? We thank God for Prophet T B Joshua, this world shall be delivered in the name of Jesus including those ba ba sa dumeleng.

  13. sengaparile-sengaparile 2010/07/22

    oopza o setomo sa bofelo penda o bua ka go tla mono Botswana ga ga T.B Joshua, ga are ke ene jesus. tsela le boamaruri o raya gore o itse sengwe ka thulaganyo ya loeto la ga T.B JOSHUA FULL STOP. ga wa tsena sekolo sematla ke wena.

  14. KUKU DI KUKU 2010/07/22

    OOPZA o tshwanetse a bo o na le matimone a matona o thokana le thapelo.tsholetsa mabogo a ga go o budulale ke gorapele. fire, fire, fire, fire, fireeee!!!!!!

  15. ENKGAKAE-ENKGAKAE 2010/07/22

    wena oopza o tlhalogantse penda di penda jang tota, le sekgowa sa ga go ke sa motho a tlhapetswe.tsela le boamaruri o raya gore o itse sengwe ka loeto la ga joshua o ka mmotsa fa o tlhoka thuso.

  16. cee dee 2010/07/22

    oopza botsa penda gore t.b joshua o tla leng a tle a go rapelele o tshwanetse a bo ona le badimo.

  17. LEKAKAUWE-LEKAKAUWE 2010/07/22

    OOPZA ke belaela o na le mathata a thaloganyo, o tshwanetse a bo o le ngwana wa sepoko sa mmamashea.

  18. Da-Mont 2010/07/23

    May God bless our nation and our leaders.
    Bless the oppressed and chained people.
    God bless T.B Joshua.
    In Christ Jesus’s Name. Amen!

  19. B-gal 2010/07/23

    Ao bathong! Lo ka tlhasela Oopza jaana! ga kere o boditse Penda Di Penda gore a ke ene Jeso.

    The other issue is P.D.P o ka tswa a filwe the gift of prophesy, so you guys ba lo shoutang oopza a lo lemoga gore tumelo e bokete? thats why in Botswana we dont have the likes of Prophets T. B. Joshua and Emmanuel.

    We are also poor because we dont have faith that our country can be rich.

    fela kopo yame ke gore Pastor Ngoma a tsamaye Botswana otlhe a gase molaetsa wa ga T. B. Joshua, a fodise Batswana botlhe, a tsene ko dipateleng a fodise jaaka fa a romilwe ke Modimo thru T. B. Joshua!

  20. Tika Poo - Tika Dixao 2010/07/23

    B-gal penda di penda ga a bua ka jeso.o bua ka loeto la ga T.B joshua.tlhaloganyang se motho a sebuang.o tshwana fela le OOPZA le bana ba motho.

  21. MARIA DI MARIA 2010/07/23

    B-gal waaka ke ene OOPZA o fetotse leina o ka bona tlhaloganyo ya ga gwe. kgotsa B-gal o ngwana wa ga OOPZA.

  22. Disaster 2010/07/23

    nna ga ke dumalane le di miracle tse,se se dirang gore bo pastor joshua,irene chris bothe bothe ba seka ba latela balwetse ko sepatela ke eng?is high time re ipotsa gore go dirafalang re mo metheng ya bofelo yo o nang le matho wa bona gore bassop re a nyelela.

  23. Teddy 2010/07/23


  24. Name (required) 2010/07/24

    A rapelele ma-nigeria ba lese go nna corupt pele a ka re o rapelela batswana. O paletswe ke go rapelela Moupo gore a ye palamenteng sorry actualy go wina di-primary. O palelwa ke go tima medumo e e tsogetsing “Ndelu a.a.k. Gaggeneau” e se gore re tsiediwa fela ke bo Joshua.

  25. lenyoloi 2010/07/24

    waitse le nna dilo tse dingwe dia mpalela,as we speak now there is war at niger delta and pple are dying over oil conflicts,yet this guy can cum from to pray for us,ke eng a sa starte ko gaabo pele,i min no one can tell me gore ga gona balwetse ko Nigeria,ke raya hele legale!!!

  26. tebby 2010/07/24

    ma nigeria ga ba bate thapelo ,ba akantse go tsietsa fela.so tb joshua ga akake a ba latela a ba sokolola.fa lore ba latela batho ko dipatela foo ke a dumalana,gongwe ba tlhoka kgakololo.gape tota pholo ke ya yo o dumelang.josha ga a fodise ,ke motlhanka motho yoo.go fodisa modimo.

  27. g dollar 2010/07/25

    Halleluuuuuuuuuuuujah………!!!! JESU ke morena.Jeremiah 32:23 Behold IM the LORD GOD of all flesh,is ther anything too hard for me.may the living GOD bless you all..!

  28. sphinkiphinki pikoko 2010/07/26

    le ba bone baruti ba lona ba ba dirang dimakatso ba, gantsi ke satanist ba dirisa le ditaola

  29. Sane Citizen 2010/07/27

    When will you get civilized and stop believing con pastors? what fool can actually believe maaka a a tshwanang le a ga Joshua? T.B Joshua is no prophet, he is a businessman. I know his followers are going to insult me because ba ditlhapa they are just as fake as he is.

  30. Normshell 2010/07/27

    Bo paster ba ke mathata, Y ba sa dire dilo tse ko nigeria, Batswana ga ba bake waitse, ba rata go tsiediwa mo go maswe. Balang bible e ta lo bolelela gore ka metlha ya bofelo batho ba ga satane ba ta dira dilo tse Modimo a di dirang , gore lo hapoge lo ye ko go ene,Lo itlhokomele batswana

  31. Vandi-Kop 2010/07/28

    o shename gone foo g dolla ontse ore halleluja jana….the nxt thing u no u’l b cald g broke a tsere jushua matsana a gago a bofelo….batho ba ke matlakala fela ba utswela batho madi.kante Gov keng aba letlelela 2get in2 our country antse a itse gore rona Batswana re tseediwa motlhofonyana….

  32. Holy 2010/07/28

    Repent…. and receive the divine touch. Who created man? and all the creatures? and all the prophets ,do not obey Joshua he is a sender from God trust God . TB will deliver you tO God. Trust in GOD through jesus Amene….

  33. Abraham 2010/07/28

    wait..and wait Wena Vandi-Kop read the whole bible from Genesis to Revlations and come and tell me smthng. Who created man?

  34. aka sonof god 2010/07/29

    Sometimes we tend 2 blame people re re ba bua dilo tse di maswe ka modimo but one thing dat we need 2 knw is dat devil has got some families representing him which means that he is using those antichristians to condemn da gospel,come on guys repent and follow da gospel you need to read Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth(bible).

  35. Setho 2010/07/30

    Batswana a ko le bulegeng matlho. Kante why do we believe that the likes of Joshua are the ultimate prophets yet they fail to pray for deliverance in their own countries? Gape why re sena our own acclaimed pastors? Re ba nyatsa eng? These guys are businessmen from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia etc…..God bless this country and save it from ….

  36. GetFilthyRich 2010/07/30

    The Bible says know the truth and the truth shall set u free…now the truth here is Jesus and when you know him you will know he set u free at the cross of calvary.When you are free you have authority in your mouth you can’t just stand somewhere and speak a whole lotta nonsense!! So in closin..the rest shut the hell up! Amen!?

  37. ggal 2010/07/30

    Wether you call T B Joshua names, gore he is a liar, he is not a prophet, he is using contrary spirit it’s up to you. One thing that i know is that He is called by God for nations, not Nigeria alone but the whole world. Anti Christians are the ones who condemn and criticize. Anyway i don’t blame that is how you lift him even more. The greater the criticism the more the annointing and power if God in his life.

    Beloved he who has ears let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying, but them who are spiritually deaf remain there.

  38. T-GIRL 2010/08/05

    Ke maswabi go bona motho a sampe a kgala modimo.

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