SPRINKLING THE HOLY WATERS: Pastor Ngoma and the congregation

Prophet T.B. Joshua’s healing water create excitement in Maun
The heavenly fire fell and the demon possessed screamed, rolled and got deliverance as the recently arrived Botswana team from Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), anointed masses with holy water from well known Nigerian Prophet T.B Joshua, in Maun, last Saturday.
The physical and spiritual sick, the lame and those with chronic diseases, Christians from various churches and none believers, were all in attendance at the spilling Women against Rape (WAR) conference room.
Each waited in faith and hope, to receive breakthroughs according to their prayerful wish. Singing and dance were part of the event amid miraculous healing testimonies from those delivered through the spray of the spiritual water.
The once medically declared barren held healthy bouncy babies and told how the holy water of the ‘fruit of the womb’ helped them to conceive. Others spoke of how the anointing water helped them during pregnancies that doctors had affirmed for surgery.
Even the contractors and businessmen testified how the blessing and breakthrough anointing water helped them win multi-million tenders
During the session, Prophet T.B Joshua called from Nigeria, blessed, encouraged and led the gathering in prayer, through a microphone connected mobile phone.
According to Pastor Jeffrey Ngoma of the recently formed Apostolic Breakthrough  Ministries in Maun, the gathering was neither a church service nor a thing to be done on daily basis. It also wasn’t a tactic to pull people from their churches to his.
He said that it was a prophetic message and a command from Prophet T.B Joshua who had the spiritual deliverance of the community of Maun at heart. The anointing water that they were spraying, was a gift from him to the communities, he said.
He further revealed that during their recent trip to SCOAN, the prophet told them that Botswana is one of those countries that have a special place in the heart of God. God dearly loves the country but the inhabitants needed deliverance in order to know him.
Ngoma also told that the Prophet announced that a church branch of SCOAN was going to be soon set up in Botswana. The prophet is said to have promised to send one of his wise men to the branch for the spiritual deliverance of the nation.

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