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  • False prophets beaten

    False prophets beaten4

      Lady luck ran out for two charlatans who were on a mission to defraud an 81-year old man of Boyeyi ward in Maun this week. The two got a lesson in humanity from an angry mob after they got caught trying to swindle the pensioner. Speaking to The Voice in an interview, Sephatonyana Tsamaloba


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  • Fete de la Musique

    Fete de la Musique0

    The 13th La Fete de la Musique will take place on June 27 at Molapo Piazza from 12pm to 3 pm. The brand new venue will provide a professional environment to the participants. La Fête de la Musique is an international musical event celebrated annually during the month of June. The event was initiated by the French Minister of Culture Jack Lang in 1982. It


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  • Fishing Minister’s wallet

    Fishing Minister’s wallet0

    This young girl might have discovered a simple formula for siphoning money from a government official. It is simple, if you want the Minister of Youth and Sports Thapelo Olopeng to reach for his wallet just scream his name 50 times. This young girl from Mollo wa Tadi Traditional group delivered a poem in Sesarwa and had people in stitches as she punctuated each stanza with the minister’s